Taylor Kibby: There are things Id rather whisper

April 14 - May 13, 2023

Stroll Garden is pleased to present “There are things I’d rather whisper,” the debut solo exhibition of Los Angeles-based artist Taylor Kibby. Opening Friday, April 14th, the exhibition will feature all new sculptural work that showcases Kibby’s signature ceramic chain link motif.


Kibby’s work explores the concept of change and how it can evoke fear of the unknown. Through her process of making, she has come to understand change as inevitable, unstoppable, and necessary. “There are things I’d rather whisper embodies this exploration and understanding of change, showcasing transitional thresholds and states of being through the use of nets, chains, and fragmented remains.


These sculptures represent a constantly evolving perception of the world, and symbolize the dichotomies that exist within it. Delicate yet strong, obscuring yet revealing, hard yet soft, Kibby’s sculptures challenge our perceptions of the world and urge us to question the boundaries between opposing ideas.


“I choose acts of making that privilege chance, and work with systems where I must consider the objects and the rules they make for themselves,” says Kibby. “Succumbing to these parameters allows me freedom from my fears as it forces a dialogue between myself and the sculpture. It’s an intimate and unpredictable conversation.”


The exhibition will be accompanied by a limited edition zine featuring a Q&A with the artist and studio portraits by Joy Newell.


There are things I’d rather whisper will be on view at Stroll Garden from April 14th to May 14th. The opening reception will take place on Friday, April 14th from 7-9 PM.